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Gin. 25 year old but still a kid at heart. Florida resident. 3rd year dental school student. Adores dogs and babies. Mash potatoes lover. Impulsive shopper and traveler. Fragile with a hard exterior. Glee, Grey's Anatomy, and HIMYM fanatic. Quotes lines from "Step Brothers" and can eat a turkey leg from Disney like no other. Shots and chugging instigator. Can still rap the "Got Rice" song as if it's 2001.
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Look at those chubby legs!! #myniece #HaileyDo #inlove




Pizza Planet Truck

The yota never dies

word up. can’t say that about american cars.

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Definition of a great man: Sends you a singing video when you’re in a bad mood. (Yup, this is the love of my life!) #videomessage #icantstaymad

Happy 6 year anniversary to my pledge class and pledge mommas #6years #alphaclassreunion #missyoulina


Silly German Shepherd

My German Shepherd isn’t allowed on my bed. When I caught him he rolled off and tried to act casual… ssjGoku2065

I love my girls!! #mysororitysisters #mydowntowngirls #ratchetcrew #lovelovelove


If celebrities resembled their worst fan art. [x]


If celebrities resembled their worst fan art. [x]